Cargile Membrane

Cargile Membrane absorbable suture material

Table of Contents Source Cargile membrane is obtained from the bovine caecum in the form of thin sheet and is used to cover surfaces from which peritoneum has been removed. Usages Cargile membrane was used to prevent formation of adhesions between raw surfaces during abdominal surgery. It was also used to cover nerves / tendons … Read more

Amniotic Membrane

amniotic membrane graft - aril eye graft

Table of Contents Source and definition Amniotic membrane graft is prepared from amniotic membrane of foetuses. Amniotic membranes are harvested from freshly delivered placentas taken during caesarean section for amniotic membrane allograft. Use Amniotic membrane grafts are used to repair the gap in body tissues, cover abdominal organs or raw surfaces during surgery to prevent … Read more

Fascia-lata Suture / Graft

fasica lata tfl muscle tensor fasciae latae

Table of Contents Fascia-lata Fascia lata is obtained from bovine fascia-lata and is available in tape like pieces preserved in glass tubes. Source Fascia lata is procured from bovine thigh muscles. Fasica lata from the moose also has been used. Fascia lata sutures are inferior to kangaroo tendon sutures. Autologous fascia lata/fascia lata allograft  also … Read more

Kangaroo Tendon

kangroo tendon absorbable sutures

Table of Contents Kangaroo tendon sutures Kangaroo tendon suture is obtained from the tendon of tail of kangaroo and is used for suturing joint capsule, hernial rings and places where more strength is required. Kangaroo tendon is approximately 6 times stronger than human tendon. Source Kangaroo tendon is not obtained from large kangaroo but a … Read more

Catgut Sutures

catgut sutures plain chromic absorbable surgical gut suture sizes

Catgut/Surgical Gut Sutures Gut sutures are the oldest natural absorbable multifilament sutures being used till the date. Commonly used gut suture is known as catgut which is derived from intestinal tissue of sheep / goat or Bovine (cattle). Catgut is mistaken to be manufactured from cat tissue due to its name as misnomer. Catgut word … Read more

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