Fascia-lata Suture / Graft


Fascia lata is obtained from bovine fascia-lata and is available in tape like pieces preserved in glass tubes.


Fascia lata is procured from bovine thigh muscles. Fasica lata from the moose also has been used. Fascia lata sutures are inferior to kangaroo tendon sutures.

Autologous fascia lata/fascia lata allograft  also have been tried by the surgeons with higher success rates. Autologous fascia lata graft is more popular rather than heterogenous fascia lata but sometimes may result into muscle prolapsed and it needs correction surgery with mesh to repair it.


Fasica lata is used in the surgery of facial tissues in case of paralysis or ptosis correction and obliteration of frontal sinus. It can be used to provide additional support to fascial layers. It also has been used in the reconstruction of the diaphragm, dural patch and repair in the anterior, dental surgeries and lateral skull base surgery.


Fascia lata sutures / fascia lata graft is contraindicated in case of infection at the intended recipient site. Autologous harvest of fascia lata or tensor fasciae latae may cause some complications. Usually fascia lata sutures are heat sensitive and loose tensile strength on heat treatment so sterilization is achieved by irradiation. It can be stored at room temperature. 


Fascia lata is the deep fascia of the thigh which encloses the thigh muscles.

Yes it is a part of muscle. Fascia lata is harvested from the fascia of tensor fascia lata or TFL muscle. It is a gluteal muscle.

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