Properties of Suture Material

properties of suture material

Properties of Suture Material Suture materials have been evolved since millennia and being researched to achieve a perfect suture material. Wide variety of sutures and manufacturers or brands is available. Surgeon’s choice and economics both are important and familiarization with suture material’s properties is also important. General considerations: An ideal suture material should have following … Read more


Suture material definition tenets of halsted

Suture Origin: 1535–45; Suture word came from Latin word – sūtūra means a sewn seam, equivalent to sūt(us) (past participle of suere means to sew / stitch / tack together) + -ūra-ure What does Suture mean / What is Suture?Suture word has different meanings –In surgery suture word is used either to define a suture pattern or surgical suture material. The term … Read more

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