Inorganic suture materials / Metallic Sutures

Non-Absorbable Inorganic Suture Materials Or Metallic Sutures

Non-Absorbable Inorganic Suture Materials Or Metallic Sutures These are non-absorbable, monofilament or braided/twisted multifilament sutures. Wires of different metals like tantalum, silver, copper, stainless steel or vitallium are used in monofilament or multifilament form as suture material. Use of metallic sutures is not new. It has been centuries since when wires of metals like lead, … Read more

Selection of Suture Material

Selection of Suture Material

Selection of Suture Material Years of technical research and adaptations have resulted in advancements in suture material. Modern day suture materials have impressive mechanical and physical properties. There are many kinds of suture materials are available in the market with different properties suitable for various uses, organs or tissues. Sutures vary in terms of the … Read more

Glycomer 631 Sutures

glycomer 631 suture biosyn

Glycomer 631 Sutures Table of Contents Composition: Glycomer 631 is a synthetic absorbable monofilament suture. It is a copolymer composed of glycolide, dioxanone, and trimethylene carbonate. It is said to be the strongest absorbable monofilament suture material available, second only to stainless steel sutures. Tensile Strength: It has excellent tensile strength. Excellent in-vivo strength over … Read more

Properties of Suture Material

properties of suture material

Properties of Suture Material Suture materials have been evolved since millennia and being researched to achieve a perfect suture material. Wide variety of sutures and manufacturers or brands is available. Surgeon’s choice and economics both are important and familiarization with suture material’s properties is also important. General considerations: An ideal suture material should have following … Read more


Suture material definition tenets of halsted

Suture Origin: 1535–45; Suture word came from Latin word – sūtūra means a sewn seam, equivalent to sūt(us) (past participle of suere means to sew / stitch / tack together) + -ūra-ure What does Suture mean / What is Suture?Suture word has different meanings –In surgery suture word is used either to define a suture pattern or surgical suture material. The term … Read more

Polypropylene Suture

polypropylene prolene non absorbable suture material sizes ethicon 10 6 4 0

Composition Polypropylene is a synthetic, nonabsorbable suture, a monofilament 100% homo-polymer of propylene derived from propane gas (clear or pigmented blue forms). It is an isotactic crystalline stereoisomer of synthetic polyolefin/propylene. These are popularly known as Prolene sutures. Table of Contents Tensile strength & Knot Security Polypropylene sutures retain tensile strength for indefinite time in … Read more

Polyester Suture

Polyester suture ethibond excel tevdek braided

Table of Contents Composition Polyester suture is synthetic braided multifilament, strong, nonabsorbable suture derived from ethyleneglycol and terephthalic acid (poly ethylene terephthalate – PET). Polyester is a multifilament braided suture material available in plain and coated forms. The coatings comprise of silicone (primarily)/ Teflon/polyethylene, and outer coating causes lubrication of fibers. Tevdek Braided Polyester suture … Read more

Nylon Suture ǀ Polyamide Suture

Polyamide ethilon nylon suture black monofilament 2 3 4 5 6 10 0 material sizes braided for skin

Table of Contents Composition Nylon suture is also known as polyamide suture which is composed of long-chain aliphatic polymers Nylon 6 and Nylon 6, 6 (hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid). It is 100% homo polymer obtained from polymerization of caprolactum which has 6 carbons so also known as Nylon – 6 or Polyamide – 6. Characteristics … Read more

Stainless Steel Sutures

surgical stainless steel suture wire material 316lvm

Table of Contents Composition Stainless steel suture are rust proof, synthetic, non-absorbable metallic sutures composed of 316L stainless steel / chromium, nickel, and molybdenum alloyed vacuum re-melted stainless steel. It is available as simple or twisted / monofilament or multi-filament suture. Colour Stainless steel sutures are available in uncoated and undyed forms with natural stainless … Read more

Silk Suture

silk suture material black braided ethicon perma hand silk suture mersilk sizes 0 2 3 4 6

Table of Contents Composition Surgical silk is a widely used natural non-absorbable suture material, may be plain or braided/twisted and capillary in nature. It is composed of a natural organic protein Fibrion (composed of 70% protein fibers and 30% extraneous material like gum) which is obtained from the cocoon of silk worm (domesticated Bombyx mori), … Read more

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