Cargile Membrane


Cargile membrane is obtained from the bovine caecum in the form of thin sheet and is used to cover surfaces from which peritoneum has been removed.


Cargile membrane was used to prevent formation of adhesions between raw surfaces during abdominal surgery. It was also used to cover nerves / tendons and to protect wounds which have been freshly sutured.


Cargile membrane acts as a foreign body either it is chromicised or unchromicised and incites tissue reaction.

It is destroyed/ disappeared very rapidly within abdominal cavity or open wounds as ulcers, skin grafts or over raw surfaces.


Cargile membrane is not generally used in modern day surgical procedures. Similarly aristol film method is also obsolete.

Autologous peritoneal or omental graft is preferred rather than old technique of using cargile membrane on raw surfaces to prevent adhesions.

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