Polyglactin 910 Fast Sutures

Polyglactin Rapide / Vicryl rapide by ethicon / Petcryl 910 fast by dolphin sutures


Polyglactin 910 rapide is gamma irradiated polyglactin. It is absorbed more rapidly than normal polyglactin and more rapid healing than chromic catgut sutures with little or no tissue reaction. These sutures are available in undyed form (clear)/Dyed (violet) forms. These sutures are specially coated with the poly (glycolide-Co-L-lactide).

Tensile Strength and Absorption

Due to low molecular weight compared to regular Polyglactin 910 or Polyglycolic Acid sutures, these sutures are absorbed rapidly in the tissues. But absorption takes place by hydrolysis with similar properties like normal polyglactin 910 sutures. It loses 50% tensile strength in 5 days after implantation which makes it ideal for short term wound support. Complete mass absorption takes place in 42 days.

Indications/ Usage

It is used/ideal for in superficial soft tissue approximation of the skin closure, mucosa /oral mucosa closure, dental surgeries, pediatric surgery, episiotomies, circumcision, lacerations of torso and extremities, ophthalmic procedures for conjunctival surgeries, areas where suture removal is difficult and short term wound support is required.


Unlike Polyglactin 910 it may also cause transient local irritation and inflammatory foreign body response, erythema and induration. But should not be used in the case of known hypersensitivity to any of its contents.


Generally available USP sizes ranges from 2 to 6-0 with different types of needles (length, shape, thickness) and suture thread lengths.


Resterilization, reprocessing and reuse of suture material is not recommended. It should be stored between 10oC-35°C in dry conditions.  


Petcryl 910 fast, Vicryl Rapide

Vicryl rapide by ethicon – Polyglactin 910 Rapide

Fig. Vicryl rapide by ethicon – Polyglactin 910 Rapide

Petcryl 910 Fast – Undyed Polyglactin 910 fast absorbing sutures by dolphin sutures

Fig: Petcryl 910 Fast – Undyed Polyglactin 910 fast absorbing sutures by dolphin sutures


Coated VICRYL RAPIDE (polyglactin 910) Loses 50% tensile strength in 5 days and completely absorbed in 42 days. It don’t need removal later after healing.

The main difference between the Vicryl and Vicryl Rapide sutures is the rate of absorption. Vicryl Rapide is absorbed much more quickly than Vicryl.

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